Autumn Flowers

I got into photography shortly after having my second daughter. It went from a hobby to a full blown business in a few short years. When I'm not photographing, I'm editing... lol. But when I'm not working, I'm making memories with our family. Our girls keep us busy with sports and extracurriculars. You can hear me on the sidelines cheering them on because I'm their biggest fan. Throughout the year, you can find us at festivals, on a beach, running around splash pads, road tripping and enjoying all of the fall festivities.

When the kids have worn us out and they are down for bed, my husband and I look forward to our evening time together with wine and cheese. It's our nightly ritual. A few of my local favorites are Vinoklet, Cooper's Hawk & Hanover Winery.

A Few of My Favorite Things

  • My best friend, my husband. He also occasionally makes appearances during sessions or weddings so you may get the pleasure of meeting my better half!
  • My beautiful daughters. They drive me crazy but my heart has never been more full. They're amazing little models btw. You'll see them all over my social media.
  • Traveling. I've promised myself to travel some place new every year. This has held true over the last 8 years. I've decided I could move to Boulder and get a vacation house in Watch Hill. Big dreams. We ventured to Cancun with the 4 kids this past summer and I plan to drink my way into my 30's in NOLA next year.
  • The Cincinnati Zoo & my kids love it too. Words can't express how excited I was when they created the kangaroo exhibit!
  • Bold Lipstick. I feel naked without it.
  • Sweet treats. Any kind but I will not turn down chocolate. I go all out with birthday cakes and I promise I will not leave your wedding without trying your sweets.
  • At the risk of sounding basic, iced coffee with either almond or oat milk. Mom & tog lifeline!